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My model 414 was purchased on eBay on 5-25-09 for $ plus $ shipping. It is in good cosmetic and operating condition as far as I can tell. It winds and runs fine. The description noted that it was similar to the model on page 309 of the 1964 Spiegel Spring and Summer Catalog selling for $. My model 414P was purchased on eBay on 5-26-09 for $ plus $ shipping. It is also in good mechanical and cosmetic condition with a slight scruff near the Bell & Howell Zoomatic label on front. It had partially exposed film still in it. My model 414 PD magazine load was purchased on 6-2-09 for $ on eBay with rather high shipping of $. It is in good mechanical and cosmetic condition, although the winding lever was off when it arrived. This looks to be the same model as the Zapruder camera except mine is magazine load and his is not. Both serial numbers start with AS although my number (AS 22773) is later than his number (AS 13486). (Zapruder serial number from Practical Camera Testing with the B&H 414PD Camera The Quest for Cameras, Film and Process .)

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Pack, The - Muchas GraciasPack, The - Muchas GraciasPack, The - Muchas GraciasPack, The - Muchas Gracias