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To those who have only been in the habit of attending churches fitted up with close pews, in which the accommodation is still adequate to the population of their respective districts the subject of this inquiry may perhaps appear to be of the most trifling importance. They have probably never thought at all of the advantages [3/4] or the evils of pews in churches, or if they have, it would perhaps appear to be a matter of too secondary importance compared with the ministrations of the Church, or even the substantial repair of the edifice, to deserve serious consideration. Nevertheless, the subject (never a trifling one) has of late years, for various reasons, been justly claiming the attention of the public more and more. For instance, the necessity of accommodating the largest possible number of persons in the numerous new churches which have been lately built, or are now building, has suggested inquiries into the best method of arranging the greatest number of seats in a certain space. Of late, too, more attention, more taste, and more wealth, have been bestowed upon the architectural beauty of churches; less anxiety about extraordinary personal accommodation has been manifested; and above all, in populous districts it has become painfully obvious, that the Church is grievously hampered in the reception of her flock by the system of close pews.

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Steeple Remove - Magnetosphere / Radio Kill SurferSteeple Remove - Magnetosphere / Radio Kill SurferSteeple Remove - Magnetosphere / Radio Kill SurferSteeple Remove - Magnetosphere / Radio Kill Surfer